MQTT Chat is a chat module that can be integrated easily into your website or android application.
It allows your users to communicate and collaborate together by exchanging simple texts (or with emojis), stickers, photos (stored on disk or captured by webcam), voice messages and also making audio and video communications using WebRTC technology.


As the name implies, MQTT chat uses the MQTT protocol for message exchange, presence management system and WEBRTC signaling. The choice of MQTT is not arbitrary, the use of MQTT coupled with WEBSOCKET technology (currently supported by major browsers) as part of an instant messaging application offers us several advantages such as speed, flexibility and lightness.
To manage a large number of connected users simultaneously without degrading the services provided we opted for an MQTT server developed in Erlang. Since Erlang makes it possible to manage large concurrent accesses, due to her fault tolerances mechanisms and less hardware resources requirements compared to other languages.


All features are customizable. MQTT chat integration is done in a simple way with few lines of code.
Last modified 2yr ago